Permanent stands and banners

Grab the attention of your customers and don’t let them leave without a purchase. 
Tell us your wishes and we will make them reality.

There are no boundaries for us

Stands and banners can be made from any material, or from a combination of several materials. We will make them move. We will install lighting or add a mirrored frame. There’s one thing we know for sure ─ we will impress your customers.

Why choose permanent stands and banners made by Bakof?

Always original

Both the design and construction of stands and banners are tailored to the customer and their needs.

Limitless choice of material

Wood, metal, plastic, electronics, motion sensors and even a stand with an anti-gravity field. We work with all materials stands can be created from.

Unique designs

One hundred customers and their stores, one hundred different requirements and wishes. That’s why we never use the same solution twice. 

Light is our friend

We know how to work with light and lighting, to further enhance the impression a product makes.

I'm interested in a permanent stand or banner